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Earn continuing education credit for courses about products you regularly use: LimbLogic®, OMEGA®, and Alpha® Liners.

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Education Courses at WillowWood

LimbLogic® Practitioner Course
One-day instructional course focuses on the clinical aspects for using LimbLogic. This includes all aspects of the system from operation to appropriate usage. There is an opportunity to work with patient models and complete a fully operational LimbLogic socket to an initial dynamic fitting stage. Credits: TBD.

LimbLogic® VS Applications Technicians Course
The one-day course focuses on socket fabrication. Basic operation and hands-on fabrication of both LimbLogic adapters are covered.  Credits: TBD.

Introduction to OMEGA®
This half-day course allows facility owners, practitioners, and technicians the opportunity to try the latest CAD input devices. This hands-on session introduces attendees to scanning and to the OMEGA software. Includes discussion about the future use of CAD within prosthetics and orthotics and how this technology could enhance your professional and business status. This is an introduction, not a full training course. Credits: TBD.

Alpha DESIGN® Liners
This half-day course follows a natural progression from the introduction through OMEGA. This course gives attendees the ability to use OMEGA software files to create custom Alpha® Liners for their individual clients, when an off-the-shelf option does not suffice. Attendees will practice with all aspects of the software, including file import, liner creation, liner fabrication, and DESIGN Liner options; gaining comprehensive knowledge of the Alpha DESIGN Liner. Credits: TBD.

OMEGA® Training
Upon purchase of an OMEGA System, practitioners are eligible for this comprehensive three-day course. Attendees participate in the class using the latest CAD/CAM technology. Day 1 introduces basic software tools and OMEGA Scanner applications; Day 2 includes more complex Scanner tasks plus the “By Measurement” shape creation method; Day 3 covers advanced tool usage and Alpha DESIGN® Liner creation. Attendees receive extensive hands-on practice in capturing and modifying prosthetic and orthotic shapes. Must be a current OMEGA Tracer facility to attend seminar. Prerequisite: brief online introductory session. Optional online post-session is available allowing for follow-up questions. Credits: TBD


Webinars by WillowWood

Introduction to OMEGA®
An introduction to the OMEGA System shows attendees how the software works for common prosthetic and orthotic applications. This is a full demonstration of software wizards, application tools, and specific tool developments. Potential CAD users have the chance to investigate OMEGA and find out how the system will benefit a growing O&P practice. Credits: TBD.  Duration:1 hour, 30 minutes.

LimbLogic® Practitioners
Discusses critical components and operation of LimbLogic. Covers interpreting feedback from the LimbLogic fob & basic fabrication processes. Credits: TBD.  Duration: 2 hours, 15 minutes.

LimbLogic® Technicians
Learn the essential elements for elevated vacuum socket fabrication. Learn unit operation features and diagnostics that keep the LimbLogic system optimal for patient use. Credits: TBD. Duration: 2 hours, 15 minutes.

Alpha DESIGN® Liners
The premise for this webinar is the customization of Alpha Liners when off-the-shelf options do not suffice. Session gives attendees the knowledge to use OMEGA software individually or in conjunction with WillowWood staff for creating a custom Alpha Liner. Credits: TBD.  Duration:  2 hours.

Advanced OMEGA®
This webinar is designed for practitioners who have an OMEGA system and have been to WillowWood for comprehensive instruction. An open agenda allows attendees to review areas of the OMEGA software that are now pertinent to their practice. This session is by invitation only. Credits: TBD. Duration: 2 hours.