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June 1, 2010

Contact: Lisa Watkins 
Phone: 800-553-3445 ext. 106 


After more than 12 months of development and mechanical and clinical testing, Ohio Willow Wood releases the Alpha Select Liner for transtibial applications and the Alpha AK Symmetrical Liner for transfemoral applications. These two liners are a culmination of intensive research and development of new Alpha gel formulations and styles, new fabric and fabric combinations, and new distal umbrella designs that will address various needs of lower extremity amputees.

The new hybrid gel provides a balance between comfort -- always the cornerstone of the Alpha product line -- and durability. Infused with mineral oil for skin conditioning, the hybrid gel cushions and protects the limb from impact, yet also resists excessive elongation. The hybrid gel is a new formula of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) which has a Kevlar® additive for strength. While the gel does not contain silicone, the new formulation results in a TPE with a firmer durometer and greater durability.

The Alpha Select Liner combines several hallmark liner characteristics into one product, leading off with a new progressive gel style: 9mm gel distally, thinning to 2.5mm behind the knee and proximally, with the exception of a 6mm area over the tibial crest. The thin gel behind the knee and a flexible fabric panel on the front of the liner allow for comfort while sitting or bending for extended periods of time. The select panel is a flexible, abrasion-resistant fabric that keeps the liner from pulling on the knee or tightening at the knee.

Ohio Willow Wood worked closely with its suppliers to develop an exclusive new fabric for this product. The fabric allows for circumferential stretch which provides comfortable tissue compression and aids in easy donning of the liners. However, the fabric does not stretch lengthwise and effectively controls pistoning without the use of a distal matrix.

A unique aspect of the Select Liner is its distal umbrella design. The umbrella has ridges rather than a smooth profile. This accordion-style design allows the umbrella to flex and conform to the shape of an amputee’s anatomy.

The Alpha AK Symmetrical Liner features 9 mm distal gel thickness and 2.5 mm anterior/posterior gel thickness. This symmetrical design allows the liner to be rotated for extended wear. The new transfemoral liner also utilizes the one-way stretch fabric, the hybrid gel, and the flexible accordion umbrella.

A retrofitable Alpha Select Liner is available for amputees who are currently wearing a 6mm Uniform Alpha Liner who do not require a new socket. The retrofitable option includes the hybrid gel, select panel and one-way stretch fabric. The Alpha Select and Alpha AK Symmetrical Liners both have a 12-month warranty from the fit date or invoice date. The suggested L-code for locking liners is L-5673.