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Fusion™ Foot

The deceptively simple design of the Fusion Foot provides superb multiaxial movement and vertical shock absorption during ambulation and delivers a high level of energy storage and return to patients. The integrated design allows the composite shank, heel and foot plate to work together as a unit versus independently. As a result, the Fusion Foot delivers vertical shock absorption, smooth heel-to-toe transition, inversion/eversion, and strong energy return all in one mechanism. The Fusion Foot is field-adjustable for inversion/eversion, heel stiffness and overall trim height. Two snubbers allow the bottom of the composite shank composite heel to run parallel to the foot plate allowing both plates to bend and flex providing response and stability on uneven terrain. The foot shank may  be trimmed and requires no drilling of holes. Three proximal adapters are available for the Fusion Foot: Rotating Pyramid, Pyramid Receiver, and a Torsion Receiver. The Torsion Receiver provides 24 degrees of internal and 24 degrees of external rotation for more natural movement.

Fusion™ Foot


Proximal Shank Pyramid Adapter (includes rotation)

Proximal Shank Pyramid Receiver

Proximal Shank Torsion Receiver (provides up to 48 degrees of rotation)

Fusion™ Foot, available with three different proximal options

Optional precut Fusion Foot

Optional Height Extension Adapters, 46 mm and 24 mm

Full-height foot shells are offered in (left to right)  buff, medium brown, and tan.

Product Highlights:
  • Provides Outstanding Inversion & Eversion
  • Lightweight foot at 380 g
  • Design Provides Vertical Shock Absorption
  • Extremely Easy to Align
  • Delivers smooth heel-to-toe transition
  • Choice of three Proximal Adapters
  • Torsion Receiver Provides 24 Degrees Rotation Internally and Externally
  • Ask about the optional precut version available at no extra charge.
  • Includes

    Full-Height Foot Shell, Spectra Sock,
    Pyramid Reciever or Rotating Pyramid,
    1 of 6 Toe Spring Options, 2 Heel Wedges,
    2 Diameters of Snubbers

    Note: Size 23-24 cm and 31 cm feet come with a High-Activity Foot Shell.

    Weight 380 g*
    Adapter Weights Pyramid 205 g; Receiver 190 g; Torsion Receiver 420 g
    Patient Weight Limit Foot Size 23-24 cm: 230 lbs (104 kg)**
    Foot Size 25-26 cm: 270 lbs (122 kg)**
    Foot Size: 27-31 cm: 300 lbs (135 kg)**
    Heel Height 3/8" (10 mm) or 3/4" (18 mm)
    Build Height***

    Pyramid Receiver: 15.7 cm for 3/8” heel, 14.81 cm for 3/4” heel
    Pyramid Adapter: 15.4 cm for 3/8” heel, 14.43 cm for 3/4” heel
    Torsion Receiver: 20.33 cm for 3/8” heel, 19.35 cm for 3/4” heel

    For build height measurements, proximal adapter installed and shank cut at minimum height line.

    Available Sizes 23 to 31 cm
    Toe Resistance Toe Spring Chart (click to view chart)
    Cosmesis Lifelike in Buff, Tan or Medium Brown
    Heel Spring Options Two Wedges (included with each foot)
    Trial Period 60 days from invoice date
    U.S. Warranty Information
    Foot Shell
    Torsion Receiver

    36 months from invoice date
    9 months from invoice date
    24 months from invoice date

    U.S. L-Code Suggestions L5987, L5986 & L5984 with torsion receiver

    * Based on size 26 cm cat 3 foot without Proximal Adapter, Foot Shell, or Spectra Sock.
    ** Body weight plus any loads normally or routinely carried cannot exceed this weight limit.
    *** Build height measurements taken for a size 26 cm foot with WillowWood components. Measurements will vary if using non-WillowWood components.

  • To order a Fusion Foot, please select the size, side, color, toe spring stiffness, and heel height. To order a precut version of the Fusion Foot at no extra charge, use the add-on code FFT-PRECUT.

      FFT-23LB-1L-1 Fusion Foot SAMPLE Part Number
    Name Code FFT FFT = Fusion Foot
    Size of Foot 23 23 to 31 cm
    Side of Foot L L = Left
    R = Right
    Foot Shell Color B B = Buff
    M = Medium Brown (special order)
    T = Tan (special order)
    Toe Spring Stiffness 1 1 to 6 (click to view chart)
    Heel Height L L = Low 10 mm (3/8")
    M = Medium 18 mm (3/4")
    Proximal Adapter 1 1 = Pyramid Adapter
    2 = Pyramid Receiver 
    3 = Torsion Receiver


  • Fusion Instructions 
    Adjusting the Heel Resistance
    Replacing the Snubbers
    Replacing the Composite Heel
    Installation Instructions Proximal Adapters
    Torsion Receiver Installation Instructions
    Fusion Foot: Test for Vertical Deflection

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    Fusion™ Foot
    The Fusion Foot provides superior multiaxial movement, vertical shock, high levels of energy storage and return, and impressive inversion and eversion.


    Fusion™ Foot Training Video
    Learn all about the Fusion Foot in this instructional video that details the foot's features and benefits, ordering information, and the warranty.