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Fueling Our Favorite Athletes: Part 2

Daphne Hegreness: A Smooth Mover We’re sharing some healthy (and yummy) recipes and menus from athletes sponsored by WillowWood that help fuel them during their training and prior to competitions. Enjoy! Daphne Hegreness is training for the 2012 Paralympics in London and also has her sights set on the 2016 Paralympics in Rio. Her next Continue reading…

Fueling our Favorite Athletes: Part 1

Brent Clemens Canadian Power-Up Excitement is building for the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics. The games start in less than 100 days! Keys to performing well in competition include training, good equipment, and healthy eating. The same is true for non-athletes as well. It is especially important for amputees, because adding extra pounds can easily have Continue reading…

Meet Stefanie Reid: Paralympian, World Traveler, & Master’s Student

For the past couple years, WillowWood has had the pleasure of working with Stefanie Reid, an experienced Paralympic athlete. Stefanie competed at the Beijing, China, 2009 Paralympics in the long jump and the 200m, in which she won bronze. Stefanie’s schedule of college, training, media interviews, transcontinental travel, and some occasional gardening, keeps her quite Continue reading…

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