Instructional Videos

Instructional Videos

Interested in seeing a how to adjust, fabricate, or care for a WillowWood product? Select your area of interest to view available instructional videos.

Caring for your Alpha® Liner
Review complete care of Alpha Liners: donning liners, daily cleaning, weekly disinfecting and storage.

Alpha SmartTemp® Liner
Take a look at how the technology of the Alpha SmartTemp® Liner featuring Outlast® works & hear what amputees have to say about it.

Alpha Silicone® Liner: A Closer Look
The Alpha Silicone Liner uses a proprietary, platinum-cured, medical grade silicone designed for comfort and performance.

WillowWood One® TF System
The WillowWood One System provides unparalleled security and comfort for transfemoral amputees.

WillowWood One® TT System
The WillowWood One System provides a secure, comfortable, and straightforward solution for amputees. The internal sleeve improves knee flexion, while the airtight seal creates a close, reliable fit.

WillowWood One® TT System: Fabrication
Clinicians may fabricate the WillowWood One TT system at their own facilities. This instructional video shows the process.


OMEGA® 1.6.1: Alpha DESIGN® Liners
Use OMEGA to create custom liners with unique gel profiles and variable gel thickness. 

How to Set-up the Structure Sensor
Walk through how to set-up the Structure Sensor and register the OMEGA Scan app before using.

How to Use the Structure Sensor
and OMEGA® Scan App

Watch this brief video for how to use the Structure Sensor and the OMEGA Scan app for scanning prosthetic shapes.

Alpha DESIGN® Liners

Alpha DESIGN® & FusiformCAST
WillowWood has partnered with Fusiform to provide clinicians with an efficient and hassle-free ordering option for custom Alpha DESIGN Liners. FusiformCAST is a free, HIPAA-compliant online ordering service for patient care facilities.

Preview the Alpha DESIGN App
Creating a custom liner for a patient with a uniquely shaped limb is now faster and easier for prosthetists, thanks to the new Alpha DESIGN® app.


Getting Started with the LimbLogic App for Amputees
The app replaces the hand-held fob and is more convenient to operate.

Getting Started with the LimbLogic CP App
WillowWood’s LimbLogic CP App allows clinicians to program LimbLogic® units from their mobile devices.

LimbLogic® Communicator 
This educational video series shows clinicians how to use the LimbLogic Communicator to optimize their use of the LimbLogic system with patients.


Fusion® Foot
The Fusion Foot provides superior multiaxial movement, vertical shock, high levels of energy storage and return, and impressive inversion and eversion.

Fusion Foot Training Video
Learn all about the Fusion Foot in this instructional video that details the foot’s features and benefits, ordering information, and the warranty.

A Close-up Look at the DuraLite™ Foot
The DuraLite Foot is lightweight with high-energy return, is easily field-height adjustable, and incorporates a urethane toe pad for enhanced medial and lateral motion.

The Pathfinder II Foot
This video (no audio included) shows off various features of the Pathfinder II Foot.

Pathfinder® II Foot Training Video
This training video discusses proper alignment of the foot in detail and will be helpful to clinicians and prosthetic technicians.


Carbon Copy® Foot
Watch and learn how to order, assemble and align our popular Carbon Copy 2 Foot.

Carbon Copy® HP Foot
Learn how to order and assemble this variant of the Carbon Copy 2 Foot.


DuraWalk Foot
The DuraWalk Foot is ideal for low-activity amputees. The foot provides stability on uneven terrain and allows for a smooth gait cycle.

Single Axis Foot
See how to assemble and adjust a Single Axis Foot.

Learn how to order, assemble and align a SACH Foot.


LimbLogic M
This instructional video shows how to adjust LimbLogic M vacuum settings, stiffness settings and more.

LimbLogic® Training Video
This training video covers features and aspects of LimbLogic, its fob, charging the system, and fabrication.

LimbLogic® Troubleshooting
This video goes through each step of the diagnostic process to help clinicians identify and resolve issues.

LimbLogic® VS Drop-In Adapter Fabrication Training
Watch the step-by-step fabrication of LimbLogic VS with a thermoplastic Drop-in Adapter.

The LimbLogic Suspension Sleeve
The LimbLogic Sleeve works with the LimbLogic controller to ensure an airtight, secure system.

Locking Suspension

Alpha® Interlock™ Suspension System
Multiple suspension options are provided from one system. Learn the fabrication techniques for using the lanyard, lock, or suction insert in laminated or thermoplastic sockets.

Alpha® Lamination Lock Training Video
Combined into one video is a complete look at the lock’s features and fabrication methods.

G-Lock Training Video
Fabrication for use in thermoplastic and laminated sockets is detailed.


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