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Meet the Team

Education Team

Jennifer Dowell, CPO/LPO     614.296.3322

After becoming an ABC certified prosthetist/orthotist more than 25 years ago, Jennifer began her professional journey by providing acute, rehabilitative, and long- term care for patients ranging from pediatric to geriatric. Jennifer then transitioned to the development and education sector of the prosthetic manufacturing industry.  Her experience on the industrial side of prosthetics has included the design, development, and testing of CAD/CAM technology, socket design, and suspension. For the past several years Jennifer has focused specifically in the application of computer-aided shape acquisition techniques with regards to socket and brace design. Her goal is to improve patient outcomes through the development of news ways to achieve a comfortable prosthesis or orthosis and provide more effective tools for fellow clinicians. Since joining WillowWood Jennifer has also moved into a educational role by creating, implementing, and instructing courses for CAD applications and all of WillowWood’s product line.    View Jennifer’s Education Region
Loves: Kayaking
Favorite Thing to Cook: Sweet Potato Pie

Bill Marmaras, CPO (AUS)     614.633.6436

Bill Marmaras graduated from Latrobe University in Melbourne, Australia, with an Honors Degree in Prosthetics and Orthotics. Highlights of his twenty-year career include working across a variety of patient care environments, providing prosthetic and orthotic services at three Paralympic games, and publishing research with the University of Melbourne. Bill joined WillowWood as an Educational Practitioner in 2011. In this role, he leads training programs, provides clinical customer support, and presents at trade shows.   View Bill’s Education Region
If I Weren’t in the Prosthetic Industry: I would likely be an explorer / adventurer.
Inspired By: People that overcome injury or physical challenges

Raymond Speelman, CP, COF     614.512.3577

Raymond began his career in the U. S. Navy before entering the O&P field in 1999. After 16 years of clinical experience as a technician, an orthotic fitter, prosthetist, and a clinic owner, Ray joined WillowWood in 2015 as a Regional Account Manager. In December 2018, he became a member of the company’s clinical education team. As an Educational Practitioner, Ray conducts training programs and provides clinical support for WillowWood’s customers.   View Ray’s Education Region
Favorite Downtime Activities: Spending time with family and friends enjoying a variety of activities like hiking, playing cards, or sitting around the fire pit.
Little Known Fact: I enjoy trying my hand at cooking…most of what I make is edible.

Brian Stroup

Brian has over 32 years of experience in the orthotic and prosthetic industry at WillowWood. His background within the company spans multiple departments including customer care, shipping, and marketing providing a unique perspective for serving our customers. In his current role of Marketing and Education Coordinator, Stroup plans and handles logistics for company trade shows, educational workshops, and special customer-focused events.
Likes:  Bowling, Camping, Hiking, Kayaking
Little Known Fact: I’ve been active in the Boy Scouts of America since childhood. I am an Eagle Scout and a Silver Beaver Recipient.

Cheryl White, BSE

Cheryl has more than 25 years of experience with WillowWood. After several years of presenting training programs and providing technical support, she is currently focused on producing technical videos and documentation.
Loves: Watching Duke basketball games
Little Known Fact: Volunteers as the prop master for community theater productions.

Customer Care

Rick Jones, Alpha DESIGN Liner Technician

Rick is a 28year WillowWood veteranhas experience in various aspects of the business having worked in productionadministration, and marketing. Rick has attended numerous industry trade shows and courses throughout his tenureWith 14 years of experience in the DESIGN Liner department, Rick serves as the Customer Care Lead DESIGN Liner TechKeeping the end users of our liners in mind is what drives Rick to do quality work for our clinical customers.
Favorite Food: Dark Chocolate
Little Known Fact:
I worked as an on-air radio personality right out of high school.

Randy Merriman, Alpha DESIGN Liner Technician

Randy has a passion for helping others and that shows in the service he provides to WillowWood customers as a DESIGN Liner Tech. With over 10 years’ experience in customer service, Randy is motivated to provide excellent customer service with every interaction and to ensure each custom liner meets the needs of both clinicians and their patients. 
Favorite Downtime Activity: watching a good series on Netflix or playing some basketball
Little Known Fact: I love playing poker and have won a few tournaments. 

Missy Reid, Customer Care Representative

Missy brings over 30 years in customer service to the WillowWood team. Primarily working with distributors and national accounts, Missy supports customers with ordering and product inquiries. The reward of it all for Missy is knowing that she’s helping clinicians deliver mobility for amputees of all ages.
Little Know Fact: I’m a Labrador Retriever Breeder.
Loves: Living on a working farm with cattle and hogs (and dogs of course)

Troy Rohrer, Alpha DESIGN Liner Technician

Troy considers his role as a DESIGN Liner Tech a sincere privilege. As a tech Troy designs or collaborates with clinicians to create custom liners, which he finds endlessly rewarding. With 10 years’ experience in customer service, Troy concentrates his efforts on accuracy and anticipating the needs of our clinical customers. 
Favorite Thing to Cook: Chicken Quesadillas
My wife and our four children

Cassie Wells, Customer Care Representative

Cassie commands a broad knowledge base of WillowWood traditional and OMEGA® products. Serving both direct customers and distributors, Cassie’s daily goal at WillowWood is to provide exceptional customer service and to help equip clinicians with the tools and products they need to level the playing field for their patients.
Loves: My greatest loves in this world are my 3 children…everything I do is for them.
Favorite Downtime Activity: Watching my children in their after-school activities and spending much needed girl time with my favorite ladies.

Research & Technology

Jim Colvin

Jim is the Director of Research and Technology at WillowWood.  His duties include product and technology development, outcomes studies, grant applications and management, and Intellectual Property portfolio management.  Jim is a member of AOPA’s 2020 Medical Advisory Board Steering Committee, ISO/Technical Committee 168 tasked with developing safety and performance standards for lower limb prostheses, ASTM Subcommittee on Orthotics and Prosthetics, and The Ohio State University Biomedical Engineering Advisory Council.  Prior to WillowWood, Jim worked as a Research Engineer for the Transportation Research Center of Ohio designing and testing automotive crash test dummies and passive restraint systems and as a Researcher at The Ohio State University evaluating the recovery of cardiac surgery patients.  He earned his BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Notre Dame and MS in Biomedical Engineering from The Ohio State University.
I’m Inspired By: People who do as much as they can, as well as they can, as long as they can.
Favorite Downtime Activity: Spending time with my family

Matthew Wernke, PhD

Matthew is an applied research engineer. He earned a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the University of South Florida in 2013 and was a research assistant for the Center for Assistive, Rehabilitation, and Robotic Technologies. His dissertation focused on the development of an optic-based device and motion analysis model to quantify motion of the residual limb relative to the prosthetic socket. His duties include product and technology development, outcomes studies, grant applications and management, and disseminating the research results at conferences and peer-reviewed publications.
Favorite Food: Donuts, but there is no need for filling. My reputation for loving donuts has now reached the level where everyone lets me know when donuts are in the office.
Little Known Fact: I am a third degree black belt in Taekwondo.

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