Webinar: Clinical Essentials for Elevated Vacuum Systems (GP4)

Webinar: Clinical Essentials for Elevated Vacuum Systems (GP4)

Event Details

March 19, 2019 - 1:00 pm

In an effort to provide direction for clinicians considering the use of elevated vacuum sockets, this presentation covers the results of recent studies on the physiological effects of this technology on the residual limb and biomechanical effects on prosthetic suspension. The product of ongoing research from a VA Initiative Project designed to improve socket function and comfort, this data will provide guidance for clinicians with respect to initial assessments, potential outcome measures, justification, and prolonged use of vacuum technology for a suitable candidate.

Duration: 2 hours
Note: Webinars are scheduled on Eastern time.

2019 Credits: 2.5 ABC/2.5 BOC

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