Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events

Active in our industry, we regularly attend regional and national trade shows and conduct education seminars through the United States. We are committed to educating clinicians about advances in the industry and about how our products benefit amputees. Join WillowWood at any of our education sessions or at upcoming events.

Don’t see a webinar you’re looking for? We offer several webinars by request. Review our webinar offerings and then, if interested, submit a request.

List of Upcoming Events
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Date Title Type
Tue 1/23 1:00 pm Webinar: Alpha Liners (GP2) Seminars
Tue 2/6 1:00 pm Webinar: WillowWood One Certification (WW1) Seminars
Wed 2/14 7:00 am - Sat 2/17 2018 Academy Annual Meeting & Scientific Symposium Conferences
Tue 2/20 1:00 pm Webinar: LimbLogic (GP1) Seminars
Thu 3/8 1:00 pm Webinar: WillowWood One Certification (WW1) Seminars
Tue 3/13 8:30 am WillowWood One System Training & Certification (WW2) Seminars
Wed 3/14 10:00 am Alpha Liners for the CPO (GP2) Seminars
Wed 3/14 1:00 pm LimbLogic (GP1) Seminars
Fri 3/23 8:00 am - Sat 3/24 2018 Ohio Meeting Conferences
Tue 3/27 1:00 pm Webinar: WillowWood Apps (GP3) Seminars
Mon 4/2 8:30 am OMEGA Training Day (OM6) Seminars
Wed 4/11 1:00 pm Webinar: WillowWood One Certification (WW1) Seminars

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