WillowWood One Transfemoral System

Now for use with the NEW Alpha Duo Liner!

Reliable suspension for transfemoral amputees has been elusive due to the difficulty of systems maintaining airtight seals. The WillowWood One System provides a consistently secure, comfortable and straightforward solution for transfemoral amputees with no hoses, sleeves, or extra bulk required.

The WillowWood One System was initiated through a grant from the Veterans Administration that covered 26 months of development and testing and included over 40 clinical test patients of various activity levels. The purpose of the grant was to a develop a new socket system for transfemoral amputees that was comfortable, controlled pistoning, reduced sweating, allowed for a comfortable walking gait, and monitored and responded to activity levels of the wearer.

The resulting system meets all these criteria while remaining easy to don and doff and providing unparalleled comfort and security. During clinical testing, amputees repeatedly commented that they could put the system on at the start of their day and no longer needed to adjust their sockets repeatedly throughout their day. The second overwhelmingly reported feedback was that the airtight seal of the system did not break. Amputees could comfortably move (transition from sitting to standing, walk, run, ride a bicycle or motorcycle) with maintained vacuum, and did not experience any movement of the socket.

The WillowWood One System includes an option of a fabricless Alpha SmartTemp Liner or Alpha Duo Liner, the One Gel Sock, the One Seal, and an optional LimbLogic along with the definitive socket and removable brim. As is the norm, diagnostic sockets for this system are created and fit by clinicians. Once the diagnostic socket is fit however, the final, modified diagnostic socket is sent to WillowWood for the fabrication of the removable brim and the definitive socket. This is a no-hassles process as shipping and socket fabrication are part of the WillowWood One System. By teaming the personal clinical service of our customers with WillowWood’s specifically-trained Custom Solutions team, clinicians and their patients can be certain of receiving an air-tight definitive socket.


Certification is not required for purchasing or fitting the WillowWood One TF System. Education courses and webinars are available. Visit our calendar of events or request a WillowWood One webinar!

Product Highlights:
  • Features two seal points ensuring that the airtight seal does not break
  • Once donned, no need to adjust prosthesis the rest of the day
  • No hoses! No sleeves!
  • LimbLogic’s Adaptive Mode automatically switches to lower vacuum level when amputee is resting.
  • Use with LimbLogic or as a suction system
  • The new Alpha Duo Liner retrofits with the WillowWood One® System‘s fabricless Alpha SmartTemp Liner
  • Control LimbLogic from your iPhone or iPad.
Product Weight side mount: 209 g distal mount: 225 g
Product Height side mount: 1.4″ (35.56 mm) x 3.975″ (101 mm) long distal mount: 1.42″ (36 mm)
Patient Weight
– for distal mount only
350 lb (160 kg) for U.S. Activity Level 3* 300 lb (136 kg) for U.S. Activity Level 4*

*Body weight plus any loads normally or routinely carried cannot exceed this weight limit.

Alpha SmartTemp® Liner featuring Outlast®
Style Symmetrical 4.5 mm
Interface Material SmartTemp Silicone featuring Outlast®
Color Blue, no fabric
Sizes** Medium Plus, Large, Large Plus, Extra Large

** Liner size determines size of the One Gel Sock and One Seal.

WillowWood One TF System
U.S. L-Code Suggestions L5781 (for vacuum only), L5679, L8417, L5701, L5651, L5950, L5920, L5649, L5650, L5631
Lead Time WillowWood One Definitive Socket has a lead time of five business days after receipt of final diagnostic socket.
Warranty LimbLogic Pump: 24 months / Liner, Gel Sock, Seal: 12 months / Definitive Socket: 2 months
Trial Period For non-fabricated socket: 30 days from date of invoice For a fabricated socket: 30 days on Liner Kit and optional LimbLogic® from the socket ship date from WillowWood.

To order the WillowWood One System: (1) Determine liner size for patient. (2) Decide between LimbLogic (either a side mount or distal mount) or suction suspension. (3) Identify part number in the chart below.

Vacuum Side Mount Kit Includes:

Side Mount LimbLogic® with charger and fob, Alpha Liner, One Gel Sock, One Seal, and liner drying stand.

Size* Alpha SmartTemp Alpha Duo


Vacuum Distal Mount Kit Includes:

Distal Mount LimbLogic® with charger and fob, Alpha Liner, One Gel Sock, One Seal, and liner drying stand.

Size* Alpha SmartTemp Alpha Duo


† Suction Kit Includes:

Alpha Liner, One Gel Sock, One Seal, and liner drying stand.

Size* Alpha SmartTemp Alpha Duo

*Liner size determines size of One Gel Sock and One Seal.
† For a complete suction system, also order OFAB-ONE-SUCTION.


WillowWood One TF System Instruction Manual
WillowWood One TF System Patient Instructions
WillowWood One TF System w/LimbLogic® Definitive Socket Order Form (download writable PDF form)
WillowWood One TF System – Suction Definitive Socket Order Form (download writable PDF form)
LimbLogic Quick-Start Guide
LimbLogic Prosthetist Instructions
LimbLogic Patient Instructions
Alpha SmartTemp Liner, Fabricless, Sizing Guide

Mobile Apps

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See how easy the WillowWood One System is to don and doff.

For one of our clinical test patients, the WillowWood One System was a game-changer! Take a listen.


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