Alpha Duo® Liner

Now available: A fabric-free liner from WillowWood!

WillowWood’s new Alpha Duo® Liner combines the comfort of gel with the durability of silicone, making it one of the most unique liners on the market today. Inside the Alpha Duo Liner is our skin-friendly Alpha Classic Gel with mineral oil, providing all-day comfort. Alpha Silicone covers the liner exterior providing durability and protection. The final touch is a satin finish that slides against itself for easy donning without requiring lubricants.

Designed for transtibial or transfemoral use, the Alpha Duo Liner may be used with suction suspension or elevated vacuum. The liner also retrofits with the fabricless Alpha SmartTemp­® Liner for use in the WillowWood One® Transfemoral System.

A One Gel Sock is recommended for use with the Alpha Duo Liner. We include a One Gel Sock with each liner. The inner gel surface of the One Gel Sock holds the sock in place against the Duo’s fabric-free exterior, eliminates bunching around the knee, and provides an air wick for optimal suction and vacuum suspension. Additionally, the One Gel Sock helps protect the satin finish of the Alpha Duo Liner from wear, thus maintaining easy donning of the liner for the patient.


Product Highlights:
  • The first fabric-free liner from WillowWood!
  • The interior Alpha Classic® Gel with mineral oil is skin-friendly
  • Alpha Silicone® exterior provides stability and helps contain soft tissue
  • Symmetrical profile allows for liner rotation and extends the life of the liner
  • Suitable for transtibial or transfemoral applications
  • Use with suction suspension or elevated vacuum
  • Retrofits with the WillowWood One® Transfemoral System‘s fabricless Alpha SmartTemp Liner
Styles Symmetrical, 4.5 mm
Interface Material Interior: Alpha Classic Gel
Exterior: Alpha Silicone
Color Dark Gray, Satin finish
Thickness 4.5 mm
Sizes* Small, Medium, Medium Plus, Large, Large Plus, Extra Large
Trial Period
30 days from date of patient fitting
Warranty 12 months from date of patient fitting
U.S. L-Code Suggestions L5679 Cushion Liner (bill once per liner)
L8417 One Gel Sock (bill once per sock)

* The liner sizing determines the size of the One Gel Sock.

CUSHION: Alpha Duo Liner Part Numbers

D990-1943 Alpha Duo Cushion Liner, Size Small
D990-1940 Alpha Duo Cushion Liner, Size Medium
D990-1944 Alpha Duo Cushion Liner, Size Medium Plus
D990-1946 Alpha Duo Cushion Liner, Size Large
D990-1948 Alpha Duo Cushion Liner, Size Large Plus
D990-1947 Alpha Duo Cushion Liner, Size Extra Large

WillowWood One Gel Sock Part Numbers

ONE-SOCK-SM One Gel Sock, Size Small
ONE-SOCK-MD One Gel Sock, Size Medium
ONE-SOCK-MP One Gel Sock, Size Medium Plus
ONE-SOCK-LG One Gel Sock, Size Large
ONE-SOCK-LP One Gel Sock, Size Large Plus
ONE-SOCK-XL One Gel Sock, Size Extra Large



Caring for Alpha® Liner Video
Review complete care of Alpha Liners: Putting on liners, daily cleaning, weekly disinfecting and storage.

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