Earthwalk™ 2 Ankle


The Earthwalk 2 Ankle is an innovative multiaxial ankle, geared toward amputees looking for more stability and less dynamic response. The “late stop” feature allows for easy roll over so the foot can maintain foot flat longer. With the Earthwalk 2 Ankle, amputees enjoy the freedom of movement through inversion and eversion, internal and external rotation, and plantar and dorsiflexion. Adjustments to the foot are easy. Four different ankle stiffness options are available.

Product Highlights:
  • Multiaxial Ankle with Natural Motion
  • Proven to be Noise and Maintenance Free
  • 4 Ankle Stiffnesses
  • Use with the Earthwalk™ 2 Foot for Exceptional Performance
Weight 185 g
Patient Weight Limit* 250 lbs/115 kg*
U.S. L-Code Suggestion L5986
Trial Period 30 days from date of invoice
U.S. Warranty  12 months from date of invoice

* Body weight plus any loads normally and routinely carried cannot exceed this weight limit.

Ankle Stiffness

Amputee Weight Ankle Selection
Less than 150 lbs (70 kg) Red
151-175 lbs (71-80 kg) Blue
176-220 lbs (81-100 kg) Yellow
221-250 lbs (101-115 kg) Green
Product No. Description
EWA2-R Earthwalk™ 2 Ankle, Stiffness code Red
EWA2-B Earthwalk™ 2 Ankle, Stiffness code Blue
EWA2-Y Earthwalk™ 2 Ankle, Stiffness code Yellow
EWA2-G Earthwalk™ 2 Ankle, Stiffness code Green

Earthwalk™2 Ankle Instructions 

Fasteners & Torque
M10 x 32 mm Socket Head Capscrew   30 ft-lbs/41 Nm
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