GeoFlex Knee


The GeoFlex Knee is a friction-controlled polycentric knee, created for amputees who need stability but do not want a manual locking knee.

Amputees experience stability for up to 20 degrees of flexion under load, and feel secure and confident with each step. This knee accommodates a hip flexion contracture without giving up knee stability and allows for easier cosmetic finishing. A built-in Stance Flexion feature allows for a natural bending motion at the knee, creating a smoother stride. The roller bearing design allows for increased durability and longevity, while a more refined friction adjustment creates more stability and is much easier to use. The knee has a 4-hole pattern on the proximal end and a 30 mm tube connection at the distal end. The GeoFlex Knee comes with a stance flexion bumper replacement kit, dust cover, and an elastic extension assist.

Product Highlights:
  • U.S. Activity Levels 1 & 2
  • Built-in Stance Flexion Feature
  • Roller Bearing Design
Weight 768 g
Patient Weight Limit* 250 lbs/115 kg*
U.S. L-Code Suggestions L5611, L5845, L5850
U.S. Warranty  12 months from date of patient fitting

* Body weight plus any loads normally and routinely carried cannot exceed this weight limit.

Product No. Description
GEO-200 GeoFlex Version II

GeoFlex Thread Adapter Instructions 
Alignment and Assembly Instructions 

Fasteners & Torque
M6 x 10 mm Flathead Capscrew 10 ft-lbs/14 Nm
M6 x 12 mm Flathead Capscrew 10 ft-lbs/14 Nm
M6 x 16 mm Flathead Capscrew 10 ft-lbs/14 Nm
M6 x 25 mm Socket Head Capscrew  8-10 ft-lbs/11-14 Nm
Threaded Clamp Adapter (GEO-025)
M6 x 20 mm Flathead Capscrew 9 ft-lbs/12 Nm
M5 x 10 mm Coated Socket
Head Capscrews
8 ft-lbs/11 Nm
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