GeoLite Knee


The GeoLite Knee is one of the lightest and shortest friction-controlled polycentric knees on the market.

Targeted towards amputees at lower activity levels, the GeoLite Knee shares many of the characteristics found with the GeoFlex Knee. The GeoLite returns to full extension when flexed up to 20 degrees under load — without the use of any mechanical locks. The GeoLite Knee accommodates a hip flexion contracture without losing knee stability. This knee features a friction-controlled polycentric without the Stance Flexion feature available with the GeoFlex knee. Adjustments are easy. The GeoLite Knee has a 4-hole pattern on the proximal end and a 30 mm tube connection at the distal end. Included with the GeoLite Knee are a dust cover and an elastic extension assist.

Product Highlights:
  • U.S. Activity Levels 1 & 2
  • Friction Controlled Polycentric Design
  • Accommodates Hip Flexion Contracture
Weight 468 g
Patient Weight Limit* 250 lbs/115 kg*
U.S. L-Code Suggestions L5611, L5850
U.S. Warranty  12 months from date of patient fitting

* Body weight plus any loads normally and routinely carried cannot exceed this weight limit. 

Product No. Description
GEO-500 GeoLite 30 mm Tube Distal

GeoFlex Thread Adapter Instructions 
Alignment and Assembly Instructions  

Fasteners & Torque
M6 x 10 mm Flathead Capscrew 10 ft-lbs/14 Nm
M6 x 12 mm Flathead Capscrew 10 ft-lbs/14 Nm
M6 x 16 mm Flathead Capscrew 10 ft-lbs/14 Nm
M6 x 25 mm Socket Head Capscrew  8-10 ft-lbs/11-14 Nm
Threaded Clamp Adapter (GEO-025)
M6 x 20 mm Flathead Capscrew 9 ft-lbs/12 Nm
M5 x 10 mm Coated Socket
Head Capscrews
8 ft-lbs/11 Nm
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