OMEGA® Structure Sensor

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The OMEGA Structure Sensor is the first 3D sensor for mobile devices used in the orthothic and prosthetic industry. It uses infrared structured light to capture an object which is then generated by the OMEGA Scan app as a 3D image onscreen. The new 3D image may be e-mailed to a user’s account and imported into OMEGA software on a PC for alignment, modification and fabrication. The compact nature of the OMEGA Structure Sensor makes it extremely convenient to travel with and easy to scan a patient in seconds. The Structure Sensor is accurate to about 4 millimeters from a distance of 40 centimeters. The OMEGA Structure Sensor is suitable for scanning lower extremity residual limbs.

Download the OMEGA Scan app from the App Store and use on your iPad Air or iPad mini with Retina display or higher. Designed specifically for prosthetics, the OMEGA Scan app for the Structure Sensor makes CAD more mobile than ever before!

  • The Structure Sensor and OMEGA Scan app is an economical start for incorporating CAD into a patient care facility. This affordable option is well-suited for patient care for facilities with a high volume of prosthetic patients.
  • For facilities already using OMEGA software, the Structure Sensor is lightweight and is an extremely portable shape capture device to add to your CAD toolbox. This device and OMEGA Scan app are ideal for use at off-site patient locations such as hospitals and rehabilitation facilities.
Product Highlights:
  • Highly portable due to compact size
  • Connects via Lightning Connector
  • Compatible with iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display and higher
  • Free OMEGA Scan app available in the App Store!
  • Uses infrared structured light technology
  • Accurate to +/- 4 mm from a distance of 40 cm (typically 1% of measured distance)
  • 30-60 measurements/second
  • Resolution of 640×480 (VGA)
  • Connects via a lightning connector
  • Compatible with iPad Air & iPad Mini with Retina display
  • Battery life: 3-4 hours for scanning, 1000+ hours in standby
  • Weighs only 95 grams (Structure Sensor itself)
  • No trial period
  • 90-day warranty from invoice date


  • Lower extremity prosthetics
O-STR-100 OMEGA® Structure Sensor with iPad Air Bracket
OMEGA® Structure Sensor iPad Air Replacement Bracket only
O-STR-108 OMEGA® Structure Sensor with iPad Air 2 Bracket
O-STR-107 OMEGA® Structure Sensor iPad Air 2 Replacement Bracket only
O-STR-101 OMEGA® Structure Sensor with iPad Mini Bracket
O-STR-103 OMEGA® Structure Sensor iPad Mini Replacement Bracket only
O-STR-110 OMEGA® Structure Sensor with iPad Mini 4 Bracket
O-STR-109 OMEGA® Structure Sensor iPad Mini 4 Replacement Bracket only
O-STR-104 OMEGA® Structure Sensor Lightning Cable
O-STR-105 OMEGA® Structure Sensor Power Adapter

Walk through how to set up the Structure Sensor and register the OMEGA Scan app before using.

Watch this brief video for how to use the Structure Sensor and the OMEGA Scan app for scanning prosthetic shapes.


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