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NEW Alpha DESIGN® Liner Functionality!

Our premier CAD software is a complete solution for orthotists and prosthetists. OMEGA software is patient-centered in its organization. The software’s initial screen allows clinicians to easily set-up new patients or locate existing patient files and then see a complete history for a patient as it pertains to OMEGA.

The ‘work space’ in OMEGA is composed of three sections:

  • tools for shape capture, design and fabrication
  • a patient shape, and
  • measurements and views.

Shapes may be imported from OMEGA Tracer v12 or the OMEGA Scan app, created by measurement, or scanned by the OMEGA Scanner 3D or the Tracing Hardware.  Clinicians can align orthotic & prosthetic shapes using an alignment screen which provides three viewpoints from which to work. From then on, a clinician may customize the order of the program’s modification tools to their preferred workflow order in order to increase efficiency.

OMEGA is intended for orthotic applications, including cranials and AFOs, and for transtibial and transfemoral prosthetic sockets or custom liners.

Product Highlights:
  • Focuses on needs of the O&P professional
  • Easy to navigate & manage patient files
  • Customize modification tools display & workflow
  • NEW: Design custom liners from within the software

For optimum performance of OMEGA software, we recommend the following system requirements:

CPU Intel® Core™ i7, 4th Generation
Data Storage, Hard Drive Capacity, and/or Optical Drive
1TB 7200RPM hard drive, DVD+/-RW
Connectivity or Ports 3 USB, 100Mbps LAN (RJ45)
Wireless 802.11g
Video NVIDIA Quadro K1000M
Operating System Windows 7 Professional (64 bit)*
Firewire (Optional) Express Card Slot (54mm) only if use laptop with Laser Scanner.
Not required if using OMEGA Scanner 3D.
Mouse 2-button USB mouse or touch pad
Sound Audio support with speakers

* Windows 7 (64 bit) and Windows 8 (64 bit) are supported.

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Technical Support:

Available during 7:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m., Eastern, Monday through Friday.
Please call WillowWood at 800.848.4930 or e-mail

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